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Welcome to Music!

My name is Donna Hochhauser and this is my 6th year teaching at TRS.  
I have been a professional musician, actress, and singer for almost 30 years and I look forward to sharing my musical knowledge with your child.  Students are assessed based on Preparedness, Class Participation, and one or two Marking Period Tests.

My class expectations are fairly simple: Your child should have their 2-pocket music folder, recorder/recorder book, earbuds for the Chromebook and a pencil (with an eraser) for every class. Easy, right?!  May I suggest that your child keeps their recorder & book in their backpack at all times.  This way, it is always there to practice at home and then it will always be there to come back to school for class.  Excessive "forgetting" of any of the above will result in a poor assessment of Preparedness.
Students should also bring their attention, critique's ear & voice, and good manners as they sing & play for me and their peers. Your child should know to speak or play ONLY when called upon.  Excessive calling out, unwillingness to perform or under-performing will result in a poor assessment of Class Participation.

Each student/class sees me once a week for 48 minutes and homework assignments are written in their assignment pads and/or in the recorder book.  Students are expected to practice EVERY DAY to total at least 35 minutes per week and will be tested playing various pieces throughout the year.  If your child wants to practice more than 35 minutes/week---I would love that!  :)
FYI: I am also Musical Director of the 5th & 6th grade Chorus & Bell Choir.  Auditions for these groups are held in June for the following year and are open to 4th & 5th graders only.  A child may audition for either or both groups.

I look forward to a year of musical fun!

PARENTS: Please make sure to read & sign your child's Classroom Rules for Music.
Send back the bottom portion!