Theodore Roosevelt School

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Welcome to the world of Performing Arts!

My name is Donna Hochhauser and this is my 5th year teaching at TRS.  Prior to this year, I was the Music teacher here and now I am the Performing Arts teacher.
I have been a professional musician, actress, and singer for almost 30 years and look forward to sharing my arts knowledge with your child.

My expectations are fairly simple: BRING A PENCIL AND ERASER and your dedicated PERFORMING ARTS FOLDER to every class. Easy, right?!  Students should also bring their attention and willingness to sing, dance & act for and with me and their peers.

Each student sees me once a week for 37 minutes.  I travel from classroom to classroom so any homework assignments are written on each homeroom teacher's white board for students to copy into their assignment pads.
Students are graded on Preparedness, Class Participation, and a Marking Period Test.

I look forward to a year of fun with the Performing Arts!

PARENTS: Please make sure to read & sign your child's Classroom Rules for Performing Arts.
Send back the bottom portion!