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Theodore Roosevelt School has many exciting changes. We are updating and refining all of our curriculum guides and have even added new courses that will enhance our students' academic experiences. Each student will now take Spanish, Instrumental Music, Performing Arts, Health, Gym, Art, and Library. In addition to other curricular resources, the Spanish teacher will use Middlebury Interactive Program which is an online, personalized and differentiated resource. Instrumental Music class will allow students to experiment with instruments at a much younger age preparing them for our award winning Marching Band at Weehawken High School. Performing Arts class will be an interdisciplinary course exposing students to theater, performance and public speaking, singing, and music appreciation. Health and Physical Education will expose students to more current topics and activities than ever before. Our Art class will  encourage students to engage in new, exciting projects that will ignite the individuality and uniqueness of each student. Our Library is transforming into modern Media Center where students will be reading wonderful pieces of literature that correlate to projects that involve technology and even a MakerSpace Center.

Each student at Theodore Roosevelt School will have her/his own Chromebook. This means we are a 1:1 school. Students will be learning about digital citizenship and all the Google Apps for Education tools while refining their keyboarding skills and learning how to properly conduct research. Many staff members are now even Google Apps for Education Level I & II Certified Educators!

Our Peer Leadership Program, an opportunity for students to meet with peers in a non-threatening atmosphere to address mutual concerns about school, personal relationships and academic life, begins in fifth grade. Students study and practice skills that help them interact more effectively with their peers, teachers, and parents. We are striving to create an atmosphere where all students feel safe and happy.

Weehawken Police Officers Danny Lopez Michael DeBari are the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officers at Roosevelt School. They will teach our sixth grade students a special D.A.R.E. curriculum focused on anti-drug and anti-crime. The lessons are developed by police officers with expensive training and experience. These officers have the background needed to answer the sophisticated questions often posed by students in this age group. D.A.R.E. is a highly acclaimed program that gives students the skills they need to avoid drugs, gangs, and violence.

Students also venture beyond the walls of the classroom in carefully planned assembly programs and field trips, many of which are reflective of seasonal activities and/or our curriculum and are planned with the help of an involved and supportive Parent Teachers Organization (PTO). Besides holidays, patriotic occasions, and other well-known celebrations, students and teachers also acknowledge and celebrate events like the 100th day of school, Read Across America, Fun Day, and our very popular Book Fair.

Don’t forget to check out our calendar to stay current with all of our events.  We look forward to making this an amazing year!