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    Mrs. Kallert's Third Grade Reading Class!
 Dear Parents,


Welcome to Third Grade Reading. This Teacher website will help you find any and all information you are looking for about your child’s day in Grade 3 Reading at TRS.  I am available for extra help Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning at 8:05-8:20. If you need additional information, please feel free to email me.


Mrs. Kallert


Recent Posts

Easter Egg Scanvenger Hunt

Students went on an egg hunt with their group to find and solve math problems we have learned throughout the year. Here is a sneak peak at the students in action!


After a long morning of hard work the students got a quick GoNoodle break to get out of their seats and learn a new dance! They picked up the moves pretty quickly! Afterward we had an awesome math lesson learning our multiples of 6! Here is a sneak peek at the Indian Moon Dance!

The American Revolution

Students worked in pairs to answer questions about the American Revolution by reading articles of important events that happened during this time. They did an awesome job!!!