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Ms. Sara Yankauskas » My Personal Mission Statement

My Personal Mission Statement

My name is Sara Yankauskas and this is my 9th year teaching at Roosevelt School.  I began as a permanent substitute in the 4th grade A.T. class in 2009 and was hired as a 5th grade teacher the following year.
As your child's classroom teacher, my mission is to inspire, motivate, and encourage your student. I will educate your child cognitively, emotionally, and socially while providing a foundation for life long learning.
This site will provide you with information regarding 5th grade math.  Please feel free to email me with any questions:
My beliefs:
1.  All children learn differently.  Therefore, I do not treat each child equally; I treat each child fairly - meeting individual needs.
2.  High quality lessons will engage your child and make them feel confident in their understanding.
3.  Our classroom is an environment that fosters respect for ourselves and toward each other.
4.  Parents are teachers too.  A good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for your child's success.

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