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Welcome to Our Shining Star Class

Over the past few years, my students knew me as Ms.Torres. However, over the summer I got married! My new name is Mrs.Guzman. I am a Weehawken alum and this is my fourth year teaching 4th grade. I am excited to have your children in my class! I know that with the support that is given both at home and school, we will all have an amazing year!
You can always find current announcements, upcoming tests and pictures taken during the school day on my webpage. So I highly suggest, checking here for up to date information a few times a week for parents and students.

Extra help is provided every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am.
Remember, it is very important to check ParentPortal for your child's current average throughout each marking period. 
I will provide your children with two important folders: Red folder-this will hold their current tests, that should be signed and returned the following school day. Yellow folder- this will have important information that needs to be either returned the following school day or kept at home. 
Also, remember to check your child's assignment pads for important information as well.
The best way to contact me is via email:
Follow me on Twitter: @Mrs__Guzman

Recent Posts

Week of June 19th

 Monday- Fun Day & Half A Day
Tuesday- Half A Day
Wednesday- Half A Day
Thursday- Half A Day
Friday- Party, Last Day Of School & Half A Day

Show What You Know Project

 The students are working on a very creative project. They will become the teacher and present something to their classmates that they have a passion for. They will also create a test and answer key for their classmates as well. They can work on this either at home or at school.

End Of The Year Field Trip

We are going on a CircleLine Field Trip on Monday, June 5th. Please make sure to return all permission slips by tomorrow.  As for Monday, please make sure your child brings bag lunch since we will eat on the boat. 

Week of May 22 & 29

Week of May 22:
Monday- Field Trip
Friday- Half A Day
Week of May 29:
Monday- No School
Wednesday- NJ ASK Science & Reading Novel Voc. Test (chapters 1-3)

Mold Experiment

In Reading, we are currently reading a novel. The main character loves mold. I am asking for all students to bring in a piece of food (a slice of bread, fruit, veggies etc) in a ziplock bag to observe over the next few days.

Mystery May

Try to solve the case on who cancelled TRS Fun Day! This writing assignment will be done at school and home. Be creative!! It will be due on Tuesday, May 23rd and the winner will get a Barnes & Nobles gift card from Mrs.Mera! Good Luck!!

Field Trip

We are going on a field trip on Monday, May 22nd to go see Born In China. Students were given their permission slips last week. Please make sure to sign and return with $7.50 by this Friday. 


This Friday, we will celebrate (in the afternoon) that we have finished with PARCC, with a party! If you would like to donate food and drinks please send in a note or email me. We have 15 students and make sure your donations are labeled with your child's name and Rm 203. I thank you in advance for your support and donations.

Teacher Appreciation Week

I wanted to thank all of you for the beautiful flowers that I have been receiving. I can't wait to see how all of these flowers turn into a wonderful bouquet by the end of the week!!

Alien Project

Students must bring in both research and materials for this Alien project by this Friday. Students will work on creating their alien all in class. Please ask your child for the worksheet about this project for further information.


*Students should be reading, practicing their typing skills, reviewing their PARCC packets and taking the practice PARCC tests online.
* Students need to make sure they go to sleep early, get to school on time and eat a big breakfast. We highly suggest no students be absent during these test days. However, if they are absent, they will have a chance to makeup their day. Also if your child is "opting out" of the PARCC test, please make sure to bring in a note asap. 
May 8- Practice Day
May 9- Math Unit 1- Lunch- Math Unit 2
May 10- Math Unit 3- Lunch- Math Unit 4
May 11- ELA Unit 1- Lunch- ELA Unit 2
May 12- ELA Unit 3 
May 15 & 16- Makeups 
*It is very important to enforce to your child to take the PARCC tests seriously but it is just as important to not overwhelm your child and boost their confidence each day. They are all well prepared and will do great!

Bring your child to work day

This Thursday, April 27th is bring your child to work day. Please let me know via email or note with your child, if your child will not be attending school. Students will be excused for this day, if they bring a note from the company. 


Please make sure your child is completing their homework. They will have homework every day except on Friday. Homework is very important especially since we are reviewing for PARCC.

Week of March 27th


Week of March 20

Monday- Comparing Fractions Test
Tuesday- Reading Benchmark
Wednesday- LA/ Writing Benchmark
Friday- Math Benchmark